EIA for the feasibility study for the 220kv interconnection Namialo – Metoro

The project includes the expansion of the substation which is already predicted to be constructed in Namialo (400/220/110 kV), the Namialo- Metoro line (216 km long, from the proposed Namialo substation to the existing Metoro substation which will be expanded), and the expansion of the Metoro substation. This substation already exists (110/33 kV) and is expected in the project implementation capacity of transformation 220/110 kV. This new line is expected to deploy approximately along the existing line (110 kV), with the exception of some occasional deviations. GreenLight is involved in the feasibility study for the 220kV interconnection Namialo – Metoro.

Place: Mozambique
Client: Biodinamica on behalf Buycksan
Date: 2015 – 2017